Eye-Catching and Long-Lasting Premium Stone Systems

Our Bella Roca stone systems are the most unique, cutting-edge construction materials on the market. With unrivaled natural beauty and superior durability, Bella Roca stone systems can be used to build virtually anything, including furniture and all projects that would traditionally be done with tile.

Bella Roca stone systems can even be backlit for a more enchanting fireplace, shower, bar top, vanity, feature wall or ceiling. They are natural stone panels made of a front layer of thinly cut stone adhered to a patented backing. Our stone systems are made by cutting natural stone blocks as thin as 5mm and laminating the stone to an aluminum polymer composite, fiberglass, honeycomb, or PVB backing. The end result is a breathtaking stone that is stronger, lighter and easier to work with than traditional slab material of the same product.

Most construction materials are limited to specific applications, but our Bella Roca stone systems are limited only by the imagination. Being that all of our panels are 100% water-resistant and SGS tested, our stone systems can even be used outdoors, depending on the application.

Additionally, Bella Roca stone systems are an environmentally friendly product. The production of our stone systems requires less water and energy, there are fewer raw materials used and shipping requires less packaging material. If your main criteria are aesthetic perfection and practicality, then our Bella Roca stone systems are recommended for you.